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PLANTS>>Flowering Plants>>Angiosperms (Magnoliophyta)>>Dicotyledons (Magnoliopsida)>>Magnoliidae>>Laurales>>Lauraceae>>Cinnamomum>>Cinnamomum glaucescens (Nees) Hand. –Mazz.>>
Taxon ID: [521], Cinnamomum glaucescens (Nees) Hand. –Mazz.
Taxonomy Ecology Uses Market Conservation and Management References
Conservation status:
  • Prioritized for cultivation, conservation and research30,256.
  • Protected II25 (Ban on export without local processing).
Government royalty:

According to the Forest Regulation 1995 and its third amendment 2005, government royalty of flowers and seeds of the plant is NRs. 6/Kg25.


Ex situ Conservation

Tissue culture :

Propagation: It can be propagated by both seeds and cuttings28. It has good coppicing capacity.

Cultivation: Collected seeds are depulped, sun dried in one week, and nurseried immediately (in December)29. Cuttings are cultivated in January/February or May/June according to moisture of soil. About 20 – 30 cm long three nodded twigs from three years matured stands are best for cultivation. The cuttings start rooting within 2-3 months and ready to transplant after 2-3 months28.

Soil: Damp sandy loam soil is appropriate.

Climate: Temperate climate is favorable.

Nursery: Sown seeds are germinated within 30 days. Six months matured seedlings are ready to transplant in field147 with spacing 5 m apart. Cuttings are obliquely earthed and they are sprouted within 2-3 months28.


Seeds and seedlings: Ripen fruits are collected in October – December for seeding purpose45. A kg Seed contains about 2000 seeds315. Seeds possess 35% oil and seed coats yield only about 4%. The oil is extensively used in cosmetics.

Germination: Seeds can be germinated within 2 months28 and only about 50% can germinate118.

Viability: Older seeds are less productive, i.e. about a month old seeds are sterile29. Germination viability of seeds is 70-90%28.

Weeding: Regular weeding is needed till 3 years. At 3 years, lower branches are needed to be lopped.

Productivity: Five to seven years matured stands start to give yield. A completely matured and well grown stand gives about 200 – 300 Kg seeds. A ten or more years matured stand yields about 400 Kg fruits which is equivalent to 150-200 Kg dry products256.

In situ Conservation

Sustainable harvesting: Ripe (black) fruits are collected in October – December28.

Harvesting technique: Manual plucking or threshing is recommended28.

Sustainable harvestable amount:

Sustainable harvesting guidelines: Five or more years matured stands are ready to give yield.

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