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Taxon ID: [2268], Arisaema costatum (Wall.) Mart. ex Schott
Taxonomy Ecology Uses Market Conservation and Management References
Family Name


Taxon Name:

Arisaema costatum (Wall.) Mart. ex Schott in Schott et Endl., Melet. Bot.:17 (1832). Press, Shrestha and Sutton,  Ann. Checklist Fl. Pl. Nepal: 13 (2000).




Arisaema wallichianum auct. non Hook. f., Arum costatum Wall

English Name(s):

Cobra lily

Sanskrit Name(s):


Common Nepali Name(s):

Banko, Sarpako makai, Dhakayo, Jangali Makai

Vernacular Name(s):

Glatli (Gurung), Asekaki (Limbu), Thwa (Sherpa)

Other Name(s):
Trade Name(s):
Life form/Habit:

Biennial herb up to 45 cm.


Shrubberies, open places


A perennial herb up to 40 cm high, with underground tubers. Flowering stems greenish, shorter than the leaves. Leaves trifoliate, usually solitary; leaflets 3, elliptic to ovate, 10-20 cm, the outer leaflets unequal with an angled base on the outer side and a narrow wedge-shaped base on the inner side. Spadix with a whip-like appendage; spathe dark purple with longitudinal white strips, 8-12 cm long, the blade down-curved and with a tail-like tip, 1-4 cm long. Spadix appendage very long, 15-45 cm31.

Macroscopic characters:
Chromosome number:

Flowering: June – September
Fruiting: November – March

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